Five tips to help you manage hair breakage

By  Taga Elizabeth Baah

Most naturals really suffer from hair breakage and I used to be a part of the team (even do my hair still breaks it has reduced a lot). Here are five tips to help you manage hair breakage.


I came in contact with someone who told me that she has a phobia for cutting her hair and she was worried she was weird, but the psychologist in  me didn't see her as crazy though, this is a real problem that a lot of women have. With that being said,  trimming your hair doesn't mean you are cutting it off, it means you cutting of the damaged ends to allow new growth to be possible.

How often should you trim? There is a lot of debate and suggestions to how often you should trim but I would say every three months.


Now this natural hair 'craze' has taking over and I am very glad, but people have taking it to a whole new level with very tight hair styles, plenty twist and turns and what have you... If you notice most of my styles are usually very simple and basic. Keep it plain, keep it simple and most importantly keep it LOOSE!


The irony is, I just said keep it simple now am telling you to protective style your hair? Yes,  yes I am! Protect you ends from damaging by keeping the ends away from 'public eye' lol.


I have seen some hair dressers wash hair as if they are scrubbing a jeans and use THE HOTTEST OF WATERS!!!!... Please and please again, keep your wash day washing gentle and tender if you must use not cold water,  use a very lukewarm water to wash your hair; do not scrub it and do not vigorously use a towel to dry, just shake it off, twist it up use a tee shirt to clean and let it air dry! 


Anything that will tug at your hair and forcefully pull it off should be avoided, I know a lot of people overlook this including me. Telling you this is very important. It preserves your ends. 


For people that love to go swimming like I do, please it is important to protect your hair before you get in the pool!  So use a leave in or proper moisturizer to protect it from chlorine or better still wear a cap!

Hope this post have been helpful please if you have more share in the comment section down below

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