PhotoGrid_1455120305090Who We Are:

AfricansGoneNatural, Inc. is a natural hair movement with the desire to help empower women of African descent from all over Africa and worldwide to embrace their God-given “natural” hair. We do not only seek to inspire all African women to feel confident and sexy, we want to encourage women in all stages of their hair journey to go, or return natural.

We do this by sharing pictures of other African women with natural hair, and providing educational and practical lifestyle tips for #afrikinkydivas to ultimately find their style and purpose. As our core values are founded on empowerment, going natural is only the beginning. We aim to galvanize African women to become the main agents of development and success in their communities.

Natural is the new niche, and it is our goal to help African women embrace their crown in style because it is exotic, gorgeous, bold and beautiful. We hope that you would join us on this journey to help make a difference, and to help you, be the best you.