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Hair 101

By  Natural Nigerian

Hair – A microscopic view

I have heard several people complain that there are way too many rules for gaining and maintaining healthy hair. D’t use ‘cones, don’t use heat, don’t use sulfate shampoos, don’t comb your hair without conditioner in it, don’t touch your hair and dance to a song (you caught me, I just threw that in there. Just checking to see that you are paying attention).

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There are many things that has been helping me along my natural healthy hair journey, let me just name a few: recovering from breakage, product trails and fails, inspirational pictures/stories, patience, encouragement from loved ones...

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Ten Tools Every Hair Type Should Have

Whether relaxed bone straight, 137% natural, transitioning, texturized, kinky, curly, colored or cut, there are some supplies every woman should have in her haircare arsenal. The great news? None of the tools cost over 3 bucks (if you do it the right way). Oh, now you're excited! Read on...

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