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There are many things that has been helping me along my natural healthy hair journey, let me just name a few: recovering from breakage, product trails and fails, inspirational pictures/stories, patience, encouragement from loved ones...

Whilst I know a lot about 'natural hair', there definitely still plenty more out there for me to learn. I don't even think I'm an expert when it comes to my own hair, yet. But as I increase my knowledge, with time, I will get to a place where I am a specialist in my own hair care.

Being the bookworm that I am, I do not just read as far as my degree programme is concerned. Here are my three main books that have helped me with my natural healthy hair journey.

1. The Science of Black Hair by AUDREY DAVIS-SIVASOTHY

This book is literally my 'Hair Bible'. There are sections in this book which are beyond complex, and has given me more than enough information about the structure behind our hair and what makes black hair healthy hair. This book has been in my life since I was transitioning back to natural (two years ago) and till this day, I still refer back to it for guidance. I don't want to give too much about this book away, but if you have this book, I'm sure it has increased your knowledge about Black Hair and more broadly Black Hair Care.

2. Eight Weeks to Longer Hair! by DR LOLA AKINGBOLA

I bought this book at Natural Hair Week 2015, my only regret is I wish I started reading it sooner, it would have saved me from some hair mishaps. This book has been a vital guide to ensuring I have a regime which I have tailored to work for my hair and lifestyle. I do think that hair regimes have been underrated and people just think about their 'hair goals', but not how they will go about achieving them. I too was once (upon a long time ago) guilty of this, for me, I used to just follow the philosophy of 'just tell me the hair secrets and products to get long thick hair, and we're good!'

But if you are unsure about how to start building an effective hair care regime, here is a good place to start. It talks about the myths and misconceptions a lot of brothers and sisters till this very day hold about black hair.


This novel has some reference to natural hair, and is a lovely read. I have read it twice now; first time to just read it, and the second time I annotated and highlighted sections. I love the author, she originates from Nigeria (Igbo to be precise, same tribe as my mummy) and has grown up in 'Western society'; I can relate to this. This book is very thought-provoking and has slightly altered my perceptions of the world. I will start reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda very soon too.

That is it from me today. I hope you had a lovely read. Let me know if you read any books about or related to hair in the comments below

Peace and Love xo

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