Is “Going Natural” A Trend Or A Revolution?

Hey cupcake!

Welcome to the first episode of our natural hair series.

The question today is “Why did you go natural?”

You see, back in college, I studied veterinary medicine for about a year before making a transit to electronic engineering.

As adventurous as I’ld like to think I am, I can be a tad jittery when it comes to taking risks. But then again I ask “how does one get ahead of their fears without delving into risky ventures?”

Often times a risky adventure is all that’s necessary for you to make a difference. Nevertheless, the kind of risk you choose to take solely depends on the situation at hand.

I’m of the belief that there are calculated risks and impulsive risks. While the former follows a particular thought process, the latter does not.


Once upon A Relaxed Hair

Like many other naturals in the natural hair community, my hair used to be relaxed and permit me to say “it was quite healthy” but not as healthy as I wanted it to be. So I took the risk, it was a calculated one though because I made sure to thoroughly research before ever considering to go natural.

Below are a few pictures from my relaxed hair archive




Why I Went Natural

For me, going natural was born out of sheer curiosity and maybe a little bit of self rediscovery.  I wanted to:

  1. know how i’ld look with short hair on;
  2. find out if my hair would be capable of doing some of the things I had seen other naturalist’s hair do (curl, coil, shrink, etc) on social media sites;
  3. take a break from my relaxed hair;
  4. prove to myself that there was more to me than just hair;
  5. regain confidence, step up my values and self worth.

So these are pretty much the major reasons why I decided to go natural. Usually when there’s no purpose for a particular venture, the progress diminishes everytime it’s faced with an opposition.

Find a reason why you want to go natural and let it spur you on. Also, if you know anyone who’s been wanting go natural, please refer them to this blog so they don’t miss out on any of the ongoing series.

I’ld love to know why you went or want to go natural. Do you think the natural hair thing is a trend that’ll be phased out soon or a revolution that has come to stay?


Ziny Olaedo.

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