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Is an Afro Unprofessional?

 I’m curious about what you think of my hair.

Asos vest // Alexander Wang Dress // Valentino Heels

Recently I’ve been having discussions about natural hair in the corporate workplace. This could be my own paranoia but I still think my colleagues find it inappropriate and unprofessional to wear an afro to work.

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you would know that I’ve struggled with this for a long time…having to wear “more professional- looking” wigs to work to blend in and not cause so much attention to myself.

At the moment, I am currently making a presentation/pamphlet that will be available to recent grads, in particular; providing all the necessary information needed to land a job after graduation.

At the point in which I discuss having a ‘wow factor,’ I am simply stuck.

Should your “wow factor” be limited to accolades and what you can bring to the job of your choice? How about your physical look? It is a discussion that can tread on the path of discrimination talks in HR depts… But isn’t it something everyone thinks of? Don’t we all know, for example, that a well-fit person is more likely to secure a job over an overly obese person?

And what about hair? Would I be discriminated against should I show up to an interview in the fro pictured above? With recent natural hair trends, you would think more people would e less ignorant towards ‘black’ hair. However, I’ll have you know, this is not the case. I STILL get ignorant questions and remarks about my hair.

So posing this question to anyone who wants to comment. Is natural hair, particularly a kinky type afro, unprofessional in a corporate work setting?

Let me know your thoughts below.

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