Join us as we tap into the #AfrikinkyExperience and begin to explore the marvelous benefits of baobab oil. 

Join us on our 60 day challenge as we hold our first hair growth challenge with our #AfrikinkyBaobabOil. 

To participate, order any size of our baobab oil at, take before pictures of your hair (any bald spots or thinning areas in particular, for ex) and tag us in your pictures. 

For 60 days, starting October 15th, we challenge you to dedicate the time and effort to utilizing the oil on your hair. Take pictures to record progress. 

The challenge will be open until Decemeber 15th. At that point post your before and after pictures. The person with the most likes will win a full line of Afrikinky Certified products.

FACEBOOK GROUP: OR simply search Africansgonenatural group on facebook.

Weekly update via our facebook group and Instagram page

Use hashtag #AfrikinkyBaobaboil

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