3Ps for Choosing a Natural Hairstyle

Hey Divas! How are you today?

If you regularly visit social media sites, you’d have come across loads of cute natural hairstyles and most times, you just don’t know which ones to wear or not wear.

In the past, I’ve had to go an entire week with my hair in a puff just because I couldn’t decide on what style to put it in.  Now, to help narrow your options, here are a few factors to consider before you style your hair;

  1. Profession: nine out of ten times, because style has a language of its own, your appearance speaks volumes about you more than any certificate(s) and/or skill(s) would ever do. If you’re a doctor for example, you don’t want to style your hair in a way that would make your patients second guess your professional ethics.
  2. Personality: like a mirror through which people can see without having any direct contacts, your hair style can affect your personality in so many ways and whatever message you send out there is totally on you.
  3. Preference: in my opinion, a person’s preference should override every other factor because there’s a good reason why they prefer certain hairstyles to some other hairstyles, especially if it makes them comfortable.
  4. Occasion: an inappropriate hairstyle could alter one’s appearance if it doesn’t suit the occasion for which it was made. I mean, who wants to rock chunky twists out on their wedding day? Anybody 🙋 ? Lol..I thought not.

Just a few pictures for you below;









In your choices of  hairstyles, make your comfort a priority because multi personality is NOT a disorder.

Stay flexible!



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