10 Tips Every Newly Natural Should Know

by Chinwe Juliet

This post is for all soon to be naturals and newly naturals that are overwhelmed by the amount of natural hair information online. Firstly, I would like to give you a high five and tell you that, you made the right decision and natural hair is not impossible to maintain. Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. You just need to be correctly informed and consciously put an effort to taking better care of your hair.

Now my Tips:

  1. Look for naturals with your hair type. This increases your chances your hair achieving the same hairstyle results from products they recommend.
  2. Go at your own pace. There is always something trending in the natural hair community, it might be a product, hairstyle accessory etc. You don’t have to try
  3. everything at once. It’s not a competition so enjoy your journey by going at your pace.
    1. Get the basics. As a new natural, it is necessary to begin with the basics: wide tooth comb, bobby pins, shower cap, spray bottle, sectioning clips, satin scarf, non-metal hair grips or bands/hair texture. Curly hair is unique. It comes in different patterns as you will find in my hair typing post here. So don’t needlessly hope for your curl pattern to change or be like your hair crush. Instead, love your texture as your hair grows and show it off with confidence to inspire others. You never know, you might just end up becoming someone’s hair crush.
    2. Deep conditioners are your hair’s best friend. They are literally food to your hair so try to deep condition every time you wash your hair.
    3. DIY (Do it Yourself). You don’t always have to buy products. Bring out the mix-tress in you and whip up your own hair butter and deep conditioners.
    4. Have a regimen and let it suit your lifestyle. Adjust it when necessary but always be consistent. Consistency yields results.
    5. Bobby pins solve everythingOkay, I’m exaggerating, but whenever your transitioning hair or TWA don’t look like you want it to, bobby pins offer a quick fix.
    1. Lastly, play with your hair and learn how to twist, flat twist, braid, three strand twist etc. It’ll be of great help in the long-run.

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